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Why I Chose to be Alcohol-Free

Updated: May 31

Excited to share a personal revelation following the recent spring equinox, prompting me to bring various aspects of my life into the light—including this one!

My Journey with Alcohol: A Year of Transformation

For a considerable part of my life, social drinking was a norm until last year when I started noticing its adverse effects on my well-being, particularly my spiritual health. Here are some reflections from that time:

  1. Spiritual Impact: Even a few drinks at social events each month significantly affected my spiritual well-being. Instead of heightened feelings of joy and peace, I experienced a shift towards neutrality.

  2. Energy and Frequency: I observed that contrary to my expectations, having a drink didn't elevate my mood; instead, it dampened my energy. The aftermath of even one drink lingered for up to a week, preventing me from reaching the usual emotional highs I enjoyed.

  3. Examining My "Why": Questioning my motives for drinking, I realized alcohol did not contribute to my happiness, connection, or comfort. I discovered I could dance, be myself, and handle stress without it.

Choosing Sobriety: A Year Later

Fast forward almost a year, and my decision to abstain from alcohol has brought about positive changes:

  1. Comfort in Sobriety: I'm comfortable in social situations where others are drinking. I can take up space, dance, and socialize sober, unbothered by others' opinions.

  2. Spiritual and Emotional Growth: My spiritual health continues to improve, allowing me to experience more bliss and joy without the vibrational pull of alcohol.

  3. No Regrets: I don't miss drinking, and the social adjustments have been worthwhile. I now find enjoyment in alcohol-free environments like ecstatic dance, and navigating familiar places with a fresh perspective.

  4. Proud of the Journey: I am proud of my decision to be alcohol-free and eagerly anticipate the ongoing journey, committed as long as it feels right.

For Those Considering a Similar Path:

To anyone contemplating their relationship with alcohol, I recommend exploring the Sober Curious Movement and engaging in introspective journaling. Many people resonate with similar feelings, and there's strength in acknowledging and reassessing your relationship with alcohol.

Journaling Exercises:

For those curious about their relationship with alcohol, here are some prompts to guide your self-reflection:

  1. Why do I drink? (e.g., to fit in, feel comfortable, to feel or not feel...)

  2. How does drinking make me feel during? (consider physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects)

  3. How does drinking make me feel after? (consider physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects)

  4. Does it feel right for me to drink? (considering beyond ease)

  5. What does my optimal relationship with alcohol look like? (write and visualize scenes, including feelings)

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. The journey to normalize the choice not to drink is ongoing, and I hope sharing my experience encourages you to explore your relationship with alcohol and make the choice that aligns with your well-being.

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