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Ecstatic Dance Guide for Norcal

Updated: May 31

Finding an Ecstatic Dance Can Be Hard! Here are some I know of in the Norcal area. I would love to expand this list so if you know of one that meets regularly let me know, and I will add it to the list. I included 5Rythams and contact improv on this list too, due to the communities overlapping a lot and the dance styles being similar.


Goddesses Night Out: Monthly Women's Dances and Semi-Annual Men and Women Dances

Ecstatic Dance Midtown-Sac: Every Third Friday of the Month

5Rythams Dance: Wednesdays and Sundays


Centering Dance: 4th Tuesday of the Month

Nevada City:

We Dance Sunday: Most Sundays - check to confirm

Ecstatic Dance Nevada City: Every Tuesday Evening

Contact Improv: every Thursday

Contact Improv: every 4th Saturday

Besides finding community within a hobby, the power of an ecstatic dance is another reason I recommend checking out a dance near you!

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