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Refreshing Summer Melon Salad Recipe

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

As the summer temperatures soar, my culinary preferences lean towards cool and refreshing, and melon salads have become a particular favorite. This recipe blends the sweetness of melon with the savory notes of feta, creating a delightful and harmonious combination.


  • Cantaloupe

  • Feta crumbles

  • Salt

  • White balsamic vinegar

  • Olive oil


  1. Begin by chopping your desired serving size of melon and placing it in a bowl.

  2. Add the perfect amount of feta—whether you prefer just a hint or a generous sprinkle (because, let's be honest, more feta is always tempting).

  3. Sprinkle a touch of salt over the melon and feta, enhancing the flavors.

  4. Drizzle a light amount of white balsamic vinegar for a subtle tangy kick.

  5. Follow up with a generous drizzle of olive oil, adding a rich and smooth texture to the ensemble.

  6. Chill the salad until it's time to serve.

This salad is not only a treat for your taste buds but also a practical choice for prepping ahead. The cold storage enhances the flavors, making it an ideal candidate for keeping in the fridge until you're ready to savor its refreshing goodness. Enjoy the simplicity and deliciousness of this melon salad—a perfect companion for warm summer days!

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