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Dedicated Gluten-Free Norcals Eats

Updated: May 31

Yes, 100% Gluten-Free restaurants and bakeries are a thing. Whether you have celiac disease or avoid gluten for other reasons, eating somewhere with only gluten-free items on the menu, is a treat. Oh my, as any person who avoids gluten will tell you, options are not a thing, so being able to pick anything off the menu can be overwhelming, although welcomed. Luckily the greater Sacramento area has a great selection of dedicated gluten-free places to eat.

Hel's Kitchen Gluten Free Bakery: El Dorado Hills Certified Farmers Market in El Dorado Hills.

Product(s): Breads and sweets

Product(s): Sweets and bread

Raw Fresno: Fresno

Product(s): Raw meals, drinks, and sweets

Flourless Bakery: Placerville Store and sold out of Almighty Bistro

Product(s): Cakes, Pizza dough, and Baked goods.

Product(s): Wraps, Salads, Bowels, Crapes, Desserts, Juices, Smoothies, Shots, Coffee, and Kombucha

Product(s): Ice cream

Product(s): Sourdough Bread

Product(s): High Protein Sweets

Brown Rice Bakery: Midtown Sacramento

Product(s): Sweets

Almighty Bistro: El Dorado Hills

Product(s) Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, and Drinks

West Sac Bread CO: Sacramento Natural Foods co-op, and more.

Product(s): Bread.

Pushkins Bakery: Midtown Sacramento and Roseville

Product(s): Cakes, Baked goods, sandwiches, and more.

Babes Ice Cream and Donuts: Midtown Sacramento

Product(s): Ice Cream, lunch, and Donuts.

Siblings by Puskins: Midtown Sacramento

Product(s): Brunch, Drinks, and Dinner.

The Caring Kitchen: Rancho Cordova Shop and Historic Folsom Farmers Market

Product(s): Baked goods, and Bread.

Product(s): Soups, Sandwiches, Salads, Drinks, and Pie.

Bloom Bread: Drops in Placerville, El Dorado Hills, and Placerville.

Product(s): Organic Gluten-Free Sourdough Bread.

Corvus Bakery: Grass Valley

Product(s): Cakes, Scones, Salads, Muffins, Sweets, and Drinks.

I am curious if anyone knows of other ones in Norcal. If so please reach out! I would love to add them to this list. I would love to make it a more inclusive norcal list that covers the whole area.

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