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My Personal Metamorphosis: 15 Things That Shaped the New Me

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

In the cyclical dance of life, death, and rebirth, we unearth the catalysts that propel our transformation. This exploration delves into the 15 pivotal aspects, each contributing uniquely to the person I am today, presented in no particular order.

  1. Blazers, Sparkles, Colors, Disco, Leather, and Button Downs: Embracing authentic self-expression through clothing has been a transformative journey. This practice, free from performative constraints and gender norms, allowed me to shed layers and evolve into my true self.

  2. Dance: The liberation found in moving my body through dance opened new avenues of connection. As stagnancy departed, confidence, boundaries, love, and strength flooded in, facilitating a rebirth on multiple levels.

  3. Wellness-First Attitude: Navigating severe illness taught invaluable lessons—asking for help is okay, prioritizing my body is crucial, and dependence on others is acceptable. This mindset shift became a cornerstone of my transformation.

  4. Letting Go + Embracing Shifts: Release became a powerful practice. Letting go of what no longer served me, even when it seemed daunting, proved essential. The ability to identify and smoothly navigate shifts is a skill that defines positive change in my life.

  5. Community: A support network through challenges, connections, and celebrations proved indispensable. The warmth of community support fuels evolution, rest, and profound love.

  6. Adventure + Travel: Local and international travel provided glimpses into diverse lifestyles and introduced me to remarkable individuals. It dismantled ego-centric notions, highlighting my small part in the vast world.

  7. Talk Therapy + EMDR + Journaling Therapy: Professional help became a transformative force, aiding in shedding old patterns, overcoming traumas, and relinquishing unhelpful habits. Therapy, a necessary component of my evolution, shaped who I am today.

  8. Nature + Animals: Mother Earth became a sanctuary, recharging me with wisdom and love. Connecting with animals fostered innocence and love, pulling me away from constant online engagement to revel in the present.

  9. Mentorship: Guidance from inspirational figures provided support, direction, and celebration—crucial elements in my transformative journey.

  10. Giving Back: Redirecting energy towards goodness, free from excessive control, became a lesson in flow. From childhood fundraising to present-day service, giving back nurtures positivity.

  11. Standards: Elevating personal standards ushered in transformative relationships, career advancements, improved health, and prosperity. Aligning standards with self-worth enabled contentment and mental well-being.

  12. Ritual: Ritual practices facilitated release, allowing old versions of myself to fade. A rite of passage into womanhood stands out, guided by inspiring women, marking a significant transformation.

  13. Manifestation + Goal Setting + Prayer + Visualization: Identifying life goals and channeling energy into desires, coupled with prayer and visualization, propelled me toward achievement. Trusting that prayers are answered, or something better comes, became a guiding principle.

  14. Honoring Emotions + Intuition: Acknowledging nudges from the universe, even amid fear, allowing for expansive growth. The question, "What option feels most expansive?" guides decisions, leading to continual expansion.

  15. Silence + Music: Both music and silence play integral roles in my life. Music uplifts connects, and evokes emotions, while silence fosters introspection and connection with inner thoughts.

In this exploration of my metamorphosis, witness the profound interplay between life, death, and rebirth—the forces shaping who I am. Life's transformative power, a dance of fire, rage, and beauty, is ongoing. May these elements inspire and find a place in your own journey of evolution.

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